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Recommendation from Lucas White
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Recommendation from Lucas White
My first acquaintance with the artist Clayscence was in August 2009, when I commissioned a simple digital drawing for a web project. At this time, she was a young artist just beginning to make her way on the web. In early 2013, we worked together extensively on a large video project, in which I witnessed her tireless commitment to quality. The work ethic and energy that she displayed in this project was truly remarkable.

Since then, I have purchased a large variety of commissions from Clayscence. From her commission info list posted on her DeviantArt profile, it is evident that she can do it all - character designs, background paintings, cartography, and even environment modeling. Her Facebook profile has more examples of her work and further exhibits her wide range of art styles. She is greatly skilled in both the use of traditional pencils and digital methods, as her hyper-fast YouTube painting process videos demonstrate.

Residing in Uruguay, Clayscence has been entrusted with projects from companies and individuals worldwide. She has played the lead art role in video games, card games, books, comics, and more. In 2016, NERF (Hasbro) hired her to create the art for their post-apocalyptic video series titled Doomlands: 2169, which may be viewed on YouTube.

Suffice to say, Clayscence's talent and devotion to her craft have made her highly sought after. Her flawlessly positive attitude, quick response times, and immaculate artworks have made many clients thankful that they chose her.

Many of Clayscence's commissions completed on my behalf will appear on with time, and some have already been incorporated. I encourage you to admire her cutting-edge-cool style and to consider her services for any future artwork that your business might require.

Lucas White
May 31, 2017
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