Theodor Korner

Nation: Germany


Birth Date: September 23, 1791
Germany Theodor Korner Poet Cover
[Treitschke] Korner's Glory in Word and Deed
[Treitschke] Korner's Glory in Word and Deed
From Heinrich von Treitschke's History of Germany in the Nineteenth Century, first published in 1879:

No one more happily expressed the sense and tone of the enthusiastic youth of those days than Theodor Korner, the knightly young man of the Lyre and Sword. Now it first became apparent what was the significance to the Germans of Schiller's muse. Its lofty moral emotion was displayed in patriotic passion; its moving rhetoric became the natural prototype for the young poetry of this war. Korner, the son of Schiller's most intimate friend appeared to the younger generation to be the heir of the great poet. They saw how he went forth to battle with Lutzow's Black Rifles, confident of victory, animated through and through by the German spirit of freedom, altogether careless of the petty troubles of life; they saw how at every halt and in every bivouac he sang his ardent songs of the glories of war; and how at length, with the Sword-Song still upon his lips, he displayed in a glorious death the sacred earnestness of what he had written a few hours before. In word and in deed he was a true representative of that warm-hearted manliness which is characteristic of the talented Saxons, when they have succeeded in breaking loose from the tame sobriety of their home life.

"Arise, arise, the beacons flame!
Clear from the north shines freedom's light!"

Such were the words with which Korner himself described the origin and character of the great movement.

Treitschke, H. (1915). The War of Liberation. In Treitschke's history of Germany in the nineteenth century (E. Paul, & C. Paul, Trans.) (Vol. 1, p. 510). New York: McBride, Nast & Co.
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