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Recommendation from Lucas White
Of all the young artists on the internet, one who has really impressed me with her heart and dedication is "Doqida". Located in Malaysia, she has a dominant interest in history, including that of her southeastern asian nation, as well as Germanic and Islamic topics among others.

The first work that caught my eye was her NSDAP series of the most memorable figures in Nazi lore. From Erwin Rommel to Eva Braun, Doqida has perfectionistically created a vibrant and stylish depiction of each, and I was honored that she gave permission for the series to be used on The uniforms, facial expressions, and backgrounds are carefully crafted.

Besides being a rising talent in art, Doqida has impressed me with her reading and knowledge. For example, she has already read the first volume of Mein Kampf, the infamous memoir written by her frequent subject Adolf Hitler. She is as skilled in historical conversation as anyone you will ever encounter of her age and has an ardent desire to learn more.

Doqida is currently taking commissions at, and I would recommend contacting her if you are seeking a talented and friendly artist. She is very bright and has excellent communication ability in both English and Malay.

Lucas White
June 3, 2017
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